What is Tonka?

Tonka is a lending and borrowing platform for Bitcoin inscriptions. We aim to enhance the functionality and liquidity of BRC20s & Ordinals.

What are Ordinals?

Ordinals are unique digital assets, similar to NFTs, but stored on the Bitcoin blockchain. They assign unique numbers to individual satoshis and can include inscriptions like images, texts, or code, up to 4 MB.

What are BRC-20s?

BRC-20 tokens, technically a type of Ordinals, are currently the most popular fungible token standard using ordinal inscriptions on Bitcoin.

What’s different about using BRC-20s as collateral?

Using BRC-20s as collateral on Tonka will work similarly to ERC-20 tokens on AAVE. By depositing multiple assets, you get a cumulative borrow limit to receive other Bitcoin loans. The only extra step will be the bridging of BRC20s, but will be implemented on backends to provide seamless service on Tonka.

Which Assets are supported?

ORDI, MUBI are the initial lists to be supported, more other tokens will join Tonka in the near future, based on the decisions made by the community.

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