Users may stake (i.e. deposit) (1) $TOKA; (2) $TOKA + the other token at a pre-fixed ratio, order to provide liquidity for lending/borrowing transactions, in order to earn esTOKA emissions as a reward for their engagement. Different lending/borrowing pools have their unique emission rates, the basic emission rate is set to be 0.004/day, i.e. yearly emission is calculated to be 0.004 * 365 = 1.46.

(It is important to reiterate that smart contract protocols and pools such as Tonka Finance simply comprise a set of autonomous blockchain-based smart contracts deployed on the relevant blockchain network, operated directly by users calling functions on it (which allows them to interact with other users and/or engage in trading or other activities in a multi-party peer-to-peer manner). There is no further control by or interaction with the original entity which had deployed the smart contract, which entity solely functions as a provider of technical tools for users, and is not offering any sort of securities product or regulated service nor does it hold any user assets on custody. As such, any token or other rewards which users potentially may earn from the protocol arise solely out of the user's involvement in the protocol by taking on the risk of interacting with other users and/or providing liquidity, and charging a fee for this work (e.g., borrowing/lending fees).)

The other token

Ratio(Toka: Token)

Emission rate(daily)

Emission rate(yearly)









It should be noted that, withdrawal from the staking smart contract is only available 14 days after tokens are staked, while the esTOKA reward will apply at once.

Loyal community members can also choose to lock their TOKA (4 years) into the staking vault, by doing that they can get the same amount of esTOKA instantly as an additional reward. E.g. Lock 10 TOKA will get 10 esTOKA immediately, the later linear emission works the same as common staking.

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